About Us
Since the day it was founded in 1960, Plywood has been working to create value by believing in the importance of experience and know-how, and as a company committed to providing solutions to the durability and trust needs of its valued customers by giving life to the invisible heroes of the final goods and services. Sağlamlar Plywood is one of the first companies that come to mind with its services made in the quality and fast production principle, both in domestic and abroad, and with the issuances made abroad.
Our mission
Knowing that creating value is our job, it is our first priority to ensure that our relationships with our customers, team-mates and suppliers on the basis of trust and honesty are maintained in a long-lasting, healthy and productive way. and to provide the best service to our customers as our main duty, while knowing the value of being a team and acting with the understanding of cooperation and division of labor, performing the fastest, most productive and quality production, protecting the environment and protecting human health and safety are among our principles.
Our vision
Turkey and surrounding plywood - plywood to be the preferred brand in ...
Our quality policy
Quality policy, products and services we provide; to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level, to manage customer feedback effectively, to eliminate time-consuming transactions, to make timely deliveries through effective use of resources and to create a quality management system aimed at continuous improvement.

Our partners