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Kontrplak Birch Pine Combi

Plywood is produced from natural wood, which is used extensively in the construction industry. It is preferred for this sector because it is used multiple times thanks to the coating film, its water resistance and high strength. Although it is used for many different processes in the construction area, it is especially used in the preparation of concrete molds. It is a very suitable material for non-plastered formwork systems, also called gross formwork. Thanks to its special form of production, it is the most preferred system due to its high strength, resistance to shock effects due to vibration, ease of application and reduction of labor due to the large layers.

Kontrplak Birch Pine Combi
Quantity 3
Thickness (mm) 5
Quantity 5
Thickness (mm) 9
Quantity 7
Thickness (mm) 12
Quantity 8
Thickness (mm) 15
Quantity 11
Thickness (mm) 18
Quantity 13
Thickness (mm) 21
Quantity 15
Thickness (mm) 26
Quantity 17
Thickness (mm) 30
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